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Bratcher Electric Inc. is a full service electrical contracting firm and is proud to be partnering with Kohler Mobile Power to provide the finest Auxiliary Power Units for commercial and recreational vehicles. The comfort and financial benefits of a Kohler APU are great.



auxiliary power units APU diesel truck generators kohler Compact: KOHLER Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) offer one of the smallest and lightest air-cooled units on the market (11" W x 22" H x 28"D and weighs less than 240 pounds). The stand-alone units also mean less intrusion into the truck's critical systems.

Comfort: A full in-cab climate control system is available, to provide either heating or cooling output with a remote gauge for in-cab monitoring and operation.

Minimal Maintenance: The KOHLER APUs are designed for ease of service and low maintenance needs over the life of the unit. The KOHLER APUs have an oil service interval of 500 hours to reduce standard maintenance costs.

Reduced Fuel Costs: The KOHLER APUs use just fractions of a gallon of fuel per hour while in operation.


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"When idling, the normal big rig engine is only about 3 percent efficient, which wastes fuel, creates excess emissions and contributes to engine wear."